Our Process

Each step is designed to provide clear insight and lay the foundation for making the best financial and investment decisions. The result – a planning process that is proactive and focused on you.

Initial Meetings – Understanding your Current Situation

We begin with an initial face to face meeting. At this preliminary stage, there is no commitment required by you. We share with you our services and philosophies. We ask a lot of questions to gain detailed information and understanding of your situation and what you want to accomplish.

We take this information and complete a series of detailed analysis of your situation. In our next meeting we share with you our findings. This serves as two functions, first it allows us to demonstrate to you our services and the depth of work we go into; secondly this preliminary planning identifies opportunities or weaknesses.

Building your Customized Plan – Identifying Opportunities and Enhance Value

At this stage you have engaged our team of experts to create and build a customized Comprehensive Plan that helps you achieve your goals and optimizes your situation.

Our team will work diligently to enhance value for you, your family, your business and your community. We will model and pressure test the impact of different strategies and scenarios to come up with right customized Comprehensive Plan for you.

Making the Plan Work – Execution

Once we have identified strategies that need implemented, we work together with you and your legal and accounting team to ensure the strategies are executed and followed through to form part of your Comprehensive Plan.

Regular Assessment and Review

The key to planning is tracking results. Our process maps your progress to ensure your success. We meet with you on a regular basis to provide continuing clarity for your financial decisions and goal achievements.

This follow-through also enables the JBS Group to update you on changes in tax, financial strategies, investments and trends that may enhance your Comprehensive Plan.

Client Service – On Demand

Our advice is driven entirely by our understanding of what’s important to you and the results of the planning process we engage in together. We are always available and ready to work together on your behalf.